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Conference Nanolight 2016 - Benasque



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2016, Mar 06 -- Mar 11


L. Martín Moreno (ICMA, CSIC - U. Zaragoza)
N. Van Hulst (ICFO, Barcelona)

See Conference Nanolight 2016 for application (until 20th Jan, 2016) 

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Conference Nanolight 2012-Benasque



See Conference Nanolight 2012 for application (until 18th Jan, 2012) and contributions (until 1stNov, 2011).

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ICFO in Nature Physics


New advances on ultrafast quantum control of single molecules in the group led by Prof. Niek van Hulst.

Quantum control of single
molecules at room
In the initial ultrafast steps of photosynthesis nature exploits quantum mechanical phenomena, such as electronic coherences and entanglement, toachieve remarkably efficient excitation energy transfer and charge separation. But the intrinsic heterogeneity of biomolecules renders the investigation of these dynamic processes difficult by conventional ensemble approaches, and ultrafast single-molecule techniques have not been available until no




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Nature News & Views


Dr. Mark Kreuzer and Prof. Romain Quidant give their view on recent advances on the use of metamaterials for biosensing.
nature_157pxDr. Mark Kreuzer and ICREA Prof. Romain Quidant review a paper on ultrasensitive detection and characterization of chiral biomolecules using planar metallic metamaterials, published in Nature Nanotechnology by researchers at the universities of Glasgow and Exeter led by Prof. Malcolm Kadowala.

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Unidirectional Optical Antennas


Science publishes new results on light communication in nano-emitters at the groups led by Prof. Niek van Hulst and Prof. Romain Quidant.

Nanoantenna fed by
a quantum dot
ICFO PhD Students Alberto G. Curto, Giorgio Volpe and Tim H. Taminiau, ICFO Research Fellow Dr. Mark P. Kreuzer, and ICFO Group Leaders and ICREA Prof. Romain Quidant and Prof. Niek van Hulst describe in Science a method to get unidirectional emission from single transmitters. Their results offer new possibilities to communicate energy to, from and between nano-emitters.

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